Saturday, March 28, 2009

Ten Reasons to Use Organic Lipstick

I was having a very animated mental conversation with myself. One side of me kept asking, why should I bother with organic lipstick? The other was coming up with crazy answers. Though it started out as a serious conversation, somehow it branched out… But I still thinks the results are valuable to the organic community, and therefore I’d like to share them here.

My Ten Reasons for Using Organic Lipstick

1. According to some estimates a woman eats about 4 pounds of lipsticks over her lifetime. I think eating organic lipstick is much safer than consuming parabens, colors, fragrances, lead and other chemical cocktails… don’t you?

2. Supporting organic products supports organic farming, which in turns supports the environment, which we sort of need to exist…

3. Makes a statement and encourages others to emulate you, which in turns supports more organic products, farming, etc… (see 2). Not to mention, makes those others healthier.

4. You won’t have to panic as much if your two-year-old thinks your organic lipstick it’s a candy.

5. It may be easier to remove from the walls if your two-year-old thinks it’s a wall painting crayon.

6. You’ll look young and hip cause all things natural and organic are in.

7. Hunting for that elusive organic lipstick will make you discover tons of weird looking shops you never knew existed (or could exist...).

8. Similar to 4, but in the case where you happen to be the one craving a candy… (Note: I said you won’t panic “as much”… I didn’t say “no panic” ;) )

9. If you happen to smudge it all over your funky organic cotton shirt, the organicness of the shirt will not be compromised (also applies to organic makeup kit, organic purse and other organic items de-jour).

10. While there is an inescapable barrage of celebrities endorsing mainstream lipsticks all over the cable, you get to improve your research skills searching for celebrities who truly walk the walk and smooch organic. And then you get to say to yourself that your pout is every bit as healthy and environmentally responsible as Hilary Duff’s, (who is, apparently, a huge NveyEco fan!)

There are many other reasons, like recyclable packaging, free trade sourcing, no GMOs, no nanotechnology and the like… But I think the list above is enough to get you started ;)


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  3. I think eating organic lipstick is much safer than consuming colors, lead and other chemical cocktails. It gives look pretty. The organic lipstick will make you look younger because they are natural. And there is no side effect. Thanks for sharing.
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  5. I think the bigest factor in choosing organic lipstick is the feeling of the product. You feel clean not waxy and it looks sooo much better than chemicals.

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